UltraSoC Chief Strategy Officer, Aileen Ryan will attend the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) Executive Series event this week and shares her views on how security is becoming profitable; but ponders why the GSA is missing the opportunity to deliver on its Women’s Leadership Initiative

I’m very much looking forward to attending the GSA executive series event on Automotive Software and Electronics this week in Munich, as part of the GSA Executive Series.

It looks like a really interesting program – albeit a 100% male speaker roster which is more than a little disappointing for an organization that has just launched its Women’s Leadership Initiative last month – I will definitely be raising this with the GSA committee.

During the event I am keen to get some 1-1 time with several of the speakers and delegates to heighten their awareness of hardware security solutions which can detect anomalous behavior and react much more rapidly than software.

It was therefore excellent timing for this article by Ed Sperling at Semiconductor Engineering, who believes not only that “security is becoming a profitable opportunity across a growing number of market segments” but lists UltraSoC as one of the players with an innovative and practical solution.

This is a drum I feel we really need to keep banging, and in a recent blog on automotive security and safety I highlighted this Upstream Security report which gave the alarming statistic that cyber-incidents in vehicles in Q1 2019 are up more than 300% against the same period last year. Even more alarming is that in these incidents, black-hat hackers are tipping the scales…I firmly believe that the automotive companies can no longer classify these white-hat ‘attacks’ as “less dangerous”.

To further our efforts in this sector, our latest investment round is clearly linked with the security opportunities which we see opening up in the market – importantly, so do our new and existing investors.

So, security is really becoming an increasing focus across the board for us: Also this week, CEO Rupert Baines and Richard Oxland are attending the AESIN Automotive Security ConferenceWe also announced recently that UltraSoC is now a member of the GSA IoT Security Working Group and Rupert Baines participated in the IoT Security Workshop. The working group has identified automotive security as a key area for focus – an area where UltraSoC will draw on its experience in embedded analytics for cybersecurity and functional safety applications.

We look forward to continue working with our partners and customers to radically improve the levels of security, protecting citizens and systems.