Andes Imperas and UltraSoC webinarYesterday was the 10th anniversary of RISC-V, ten years since a group first their put heads together and ultimately kicked-off a rethink of processor architectures via open standard collaboration. Interest in RISC-V built quickly around the world because it is a common free and open standard to which software can be ported, making it possible for anyone to freely develop their own hardware to run the software. RISC-V International (as it’s known today), now consists of over 500 members, spanning the hardware and software ecosystem.

Last week, UltraSoC held a RISC-V webinar, along with our partners Andes and Imperas, to discuss the latest challenges designers face when migrating AI or ML applications to custom SoCs on RISC-V, and how a collaborative SoC design flow can help.
The benefits of collaborative innovation are fundamental to an open-source architecture and explain why technology leaders are increasingly looking to develop products based on RISC-V or heterogeneous (mixed) architectures.

If you’re interested in watching the webinar and presentations, you can see the recording here.

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