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Unlike traditional debug architectures, Tessent Embedded Analytics is not limited to use in the development lab. Because it is a “smart” fabric, it can use on-chip processing to allow the system manufacturer to enable development and optimization to be performed on the finished system, even after the device is shipped.

Tessent provides the capability for application software running on an SoC to effectively “monitor its own operation”. This feature, when enabled in an end product in the field, has profound implications, because it allows products to be successively refined on the basis of data gathered in real-life usage – not just expectations in the lab.

For example, it might be possible to improve the power performance of a smartphone after it has been launched on the market; to trigger preventative actions before a failure occurs in a mission-critical system; to monitor and enforce service level agreements (SLAs); or for forensics and troubleshooting after an incident.

At its best, this approach enables an entirely new, agile style of product development; an approach based on evolution and continuous improvement; a true revolution in system design.