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Tessent Embedded Analytics technology provides a powerful platform for developers who need to ensure the security and functional safety of their products – particularly in the automotive industry.

Our semiconductor IP can improve verification and validation during product development; and it can be used in deployed products to spot both systemic and random errors, providing a new level of safety functionality, and allowing in-field system health monitoring and advanced forensics.


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Video: Automotive Safety and Security

“Checking your chip every step of the journey ahead”


On demand webinar

Webinar: Effectively Addressing the Challenge of Securing Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

As vehicles get more complex and connected, the attack surface increases. This presents increasing challenges for cybersecurity. This webinar on 7 October 2021 introduces hardware-based techniques for addressing security concerns, from legacy through to the future.

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Security & functional safety in hardware

Our downloadable brochure gives an overview to the benefits of Embedded Analytics in automotive applications

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Our customers use Tessent IP in a variety of applications:

  • System-wide run/control of a video processor
  • Multi-core safety-critical system, including deadlock detection and lock-step monitoring
  • Debug, optimization and in-life monitoring LIDAR
  • Control system for electric motors, battery and energy management systems

ISO26262 compliance: and more

The Tessent Embedded Analytics infrastructure is independent of the main system and non-intrusive, and so can be deployed as a Safety Element out of Context (SEooC) in ISO26262 terms. It provides information and analysis that allow designers to more easily satisfy the functional safety, risk assessment, testing, reporting and traceability requirements of standards such as ISO26262, IEC 61508, EN50126/8/9 and CE 402/2013. In the same way, we also facilitate the move to security standards such as SAE J3061.

Edition 2 of ISO26262 includes more detail on requirements for semiconductors, in the form of a new “Part 11”, including ISO/PAS19451. With the move towards ever more safety-critical functions, such as automated driver assistance systems (ADAS), these requirements are becoming ever more important.

The Tessent Embedded Analytics architecture includes features specifically optimized for safety and security, including:

  • Lockstep monitor, allowing consistency checking between redundant modules. The monitor is CPU-independent, requiring no native support, and can be extended to other error tests and voting systems.
  • Bare Metal Security, providing a hardware-based level of security “below the operating system”. BMS is extremely difficult for an attacker to detect or subvert, and supports the requirements of SAE 3601 cybersecurity for automotive.

For more details, download our product brief

Featured downloads

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Click here to watch Aileen Ryan interview with Design and Reuse on ‘Embedded Analytics and Automotive Security’ at the D&R IP SoC Days 2018 event in Santa Clara.

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