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Our products put intelligent self-analytic capabilities in the systems-on-chip (SoCs) at the heart of today’s consumer electronic, computing and communications products.

Tessent Embedded Analytics technology helps solve the most pressing problems faced by the high-tech industries today – including cybersecurity, functional safety, and the management of complexity. Our solutions also allow designers to develop SoCs – the driving force behind both performance improvement and cost reduction in the electronics business – more quickly and cost-effectively.

Our flagship product line is a suite of semiconductor IP that puts an intelligent monitoring and analytics infrastructure into the core hardware of an SoC. This provides intimate visibility of the real-world behavior of entire systems. The ultimate benefits include robustness against malicious intrusions;  enhanced product safety; reduced system power consumption; and overall better performance – with fine-tuning of end products even after they are deployed in the field.  These capabilities address applications in a broad range of market sectors, from automotive and IoT products, to at-scale computing and communications infrastructure.

Our IP is non-intrusive and works at wire speed. It can monitor and control chips that incorporate multiple, heterogeneous functional units sourced from many different third party suppliers, as well as custom logic designed in-house. It uses a message-based architecture, and can monitor a wide variety of system and processor events, memory interface efficiency and state machine performance. We directly support a wide variety of CPU/GPU architectures, including Arm, MIPS, Cadence Tensilica and CEVA.

Our products are used by leading names including Seagate Technology, HiSilicon (Huawei), Intel, Microchip Technologies, Alibaba group company C-SKY, and leading IT systems integrator Kraftway to bring these proven hardware-embedded benefits to their customers. Our partners include Andes, Arm, Cadence/Tensilica, CEVA, Esperanto, Imperas, Lauterbach, Mentor, MIPS, Moortec, Percepio, Segger, SiFive, Sondrel, and Teledyne LeCroy.

Tessent Embedded Analytics technology also has a substantial impact on the increasingly-pressurized economics of the semiconductor industry. Traditional SoC development methodologies have failed to keep pace with escalating systemic complexity, creating a ‘productivity gap’. Our intelligent analytics technology closes that gap, giving engineering teams actionable insights that shorten the total development cycle time, accelerate debug, and reduce risk and cost to ensure timely market entry. Analysis from SemiCo research demonstrates the bottom-line value of this approach – SoC design teams can double their profitability and reduce their development costs by a quarter by using our embedded analytics.

Our IP is delivered as parameterized soft cores, allowing capabilities to be balanced against gate count according to the needs of the application on a per-instance basis. The architecture includes four classes of modules: Analytic, Message, Communicators and Active Managers. More details on Tessent IP modules are available here.

Tessent is an active member of RISC-V International, which aims to encourage the use of a new open source processor architecture.

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