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Security for Semiconductors event

26 March 2019-28 March 2019

UltraSoC participated in the Security for Semiconductors event in Munich from 26 to 28 March 2019.

This event was dedicated to the unique automotive security challenges of chip manufacturers to improve performance and overall system security.

UltraSoC CSO Aileen Ryan presented on Application-Independent Security Implementations using Hardware-Based Features’. Automotive products are increasingly software-intensive and “connected”. In such an environment, ensuring security becomes a challenge. Hardware-based monitoring and analytics provides a solution to this challenge by:

  • Enabling non-single root of trust security architectures
  • Identifying malicious intrusions much faster than is possible with alternative methods
  • Identifying vulnerabilities during development, before products are deployed in the field

The presentation covered:

  • Challenges of security in a software-intensive, highly connected environment
  • The concept of hardware based monitoring, analytics and instrumentation
  • Specific examples where hardware-based security approaches could be beneficial
  • The use of hardware-based techniques in an integrated security / FuSa approach

The event included:

  • An all round approach to the latest evolution on Cyber security engineering ISO/SAE CD 21434 and Requirements for Hardware-Protected Security for Ground Vehicle Applications J3101 to meet the growing complexity that the area is currently facing
  • Redesigning processes towards an embedded systems architecture oriented approach
  • Benefit from the co-location of ISO26262, Testing ADAS and self driving cars, and SOTIF, as part of the Safety and Security Week and network with experts that share the same interests as you

To find out more about the event, please visit the event website.