CAMBRIDGE, UK, 7th December 2016 – UltraSoC today announced that a division of HiSilicon has licensed UltraSoC’s semiconductor intellectual property (IP) for system monitoring, analysis and optimization.

HiSilicon is a division of Huawei and a worldwide leading company providing silicon solutions in digital home, communications and wireless terminals.

UltraSoC’s IP provides an independent system-level architecture that enables non-intrusive, wire-speed monitoring of the internal behavior of a system-on-chip (SoC). It accelerates and de-risks development by giving engineers an intimate understanding of the complex interactions between on-chip sub-systems, buses and software. The company recently announced comprehensive support for processors based on the RISC-V open source ISA; and announced the industry’s first debug system for SoCs using the ARM® AMBA® 5 Coherent Hub Interface (CHI).

About HiSilicon

HiSilicon Technologies Co., Ltd. is a leading chipset solution provider for telecom networks, wireless terminals and digital media. It was formerly known as the ASIC design center of Huawei since 1991 and was spun off in 2004. HiSilicon has the advantage of providing end-to-end chipsets and solutions, from telecom networks to consumer electronics. Set-top box chipsets have been deployed at more than 100 global operators in over 50 countries, the accumulated volume exceeding 50 million units for IPTV and 60 million units for DVB. For more than 20 years, meeting customers’ demands has been a driving force for HiSilicon. HiSilicon always aims to provide high quality chip solutions with excellent services and support, and notably a very quick response to customers’ requests. HiSilicon Technologies will continuously help customers in their value creation. For more information, please visit