Last week we were honoured to join a number of UK companies in New Delhi for the FutureTech Festival and trade mission, organized by the UK’s Department of International Trade (DIT). At the event, which was aimed at fostering joint Indian-UK innovation opportunities, I had the opportunity to explain how we believe UltraSoC’s embedded analytics technology can make a real impact throughout the electronics industry value chain: and to explore, alongside other business and governmental leaders, the broad sweep of technology development in India, including technologies such as electric vehicles and machine learning.

This thought leadership summit brought together business – including UK companies such as Air Pure, Chipside, Methera Global Communications Ltd, Quantum Base and Quinnovations – policy makers, venture capitalists, scientists and entrepreneurs. Announced by Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and Theresa May in April 2018, the festival was a major initiative under the new India-UK Technology Partnership.

The keynotes emphasised the importance of “sunrise” technologies, including machine learning, AI and cybersecurity. These are central to UltraSoC’s product portfolio, where we are using data-science and AI techniques to identify security threats at wire speed on every SoC, no matter where it is deployed.

One of the Indian government initiatives we were told about is a commitment to have 100% electric vehicles on the road by 2030 – which will provide significant benefits including better air quality. The electric vehicle market is developing hand-in-hand with increasing levels of autonomous driving, and this underlines for us at UltraSoC just how important our automotive security and functional safety solutions are, including our recently announced “any processor” Lockstep Monitor.

At the first evening networking event, alongside other UK technology companies, I had the opportunity to give a short overview of UltraSoC and its key capabilities.

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Our participation in the FutureTech Festival builds on the momentum created earlier this year, when I, along with UltraSoC CTO Gajinder Panesar, attended the inaugural Indian RISC-V Workshop in Chennai, hosted by the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT). The Indian government has strongly endorsed the RISC-V standard, which is being embraced not only in the Indian academic world but also the governmental technology units (defense, space etc.) and the rapidly growing local semiconductor industry.

In August, shortly after the Workshop, we were pleased to announce the appointment of MosChip, a prominent, publicly-listed participant in the Indian electronics industry, as our technical sales representative in India. Working with MosChip gives UltraSoC a really strong grounding in the market, as we seek out opportunities in these key areas of RISC-V, cybersecurity, and functional safety, and more broadly explore the potential of embedded analytics to improve the performance and security of every electronic product.

After the FutureTech Festival we took the opportunity to meet with customers and prospects in Hyderabad and Bangalore. This strengthened my belief that there are many opportunities to develop our business relationships in India further, particularly related to RISC-V and “in-life” monitoring and analytics applications.

The future is certainly bright in India. Please contact us and find out more how we can work together.

Our sincere thanks to the DIT for the opportunity to participate in this mission. We are looking forward to participating in and supporting their 2019 program.