Security matters: hardware-based analytics and ISO21434

This white paper covers the changing face of engineering for safety and security and the emerging ISO21434 cybersecurity standard. We examine the development process – including risk assessment, threat analysis, and security planning – and also look at hardware-based monitoring systems that provide an additional root of trust, and react in microseconds rather than milliseconds.

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“UltraSoC has a thorough understanding of the importance of functional safety and the complexities of compliance to standards such as ISO26262. Its embedded analytics infrastructure offers invaluable insights into the workings and interaction of the elements of a safety-critical system.”


Rosaria Esposito
ResilTech | CEO

The changing face of engineering for safety and security

To support both the safety and security case for each vehicle, bidirectional traceability is a key requirement. Traceability ensures that the results of verification-phase tests are linked to the specifications.

The white paper explains how embedded analytics in the SoC delivers against key requirements of functional safety standards and will support the system’s safety objectives throughout the SoC’s life

  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Regular updates
  • Assurance of safe operation