Last week I attended a UK Department of International Trade (DIT) mission in Munich, focusing on AI Technology. Hosted in the IBM Watson AI center, this event was well attended by German corporates looking for AI-based innovation and interesting ideas which can complement their existing business, and there were 18 UK small/medium companies visiting.

As you can imagine, the German automotive and robotics industries were particularly well represented. BMW, Audi, KUKA, Airbus Defense & Space amongst others heard presentations from British companies including Trustonic, Crypta Labs, Cambridge Intelligence, CNC Robotics and of course UltraSoC.


Stephan Osthues, IBM’s Executive Partner, Digital Strategy Leader DACH & GBS IoT Center Leader, discussed the dramatic changes that are expected in the car industry underpinned by technical advances in the areas of AI, ML and security. One incredible prediction he made is that, powered by the inexorable move to a sharing economy, in 20 years’ time the number of cars on the streets in Munich will have reduced from 850,000 to fewer than 20,000!!

UltraSoC’s unique value proposition of detecting security anomalies orders of magnitude faster than best practice today will be one of the key enablers of this radical transformation of our society. Software firms that currently operate in this space remind us that “milliseconds matter” – and indeed they do. But when it comes to anomaly detection for security and functional safety, where lives are potentially threatened –  microseconds matter more!

If you’d like to know more about hardware based anomaly detection – in microseconds – contact us here.