Aileen Ryan is CSO at UltraSoC and recently spoke to Octopus Ventures about how her role at UltraSoC, a startup, evolving into a scaleup business, with the inherent financial and resource constraints lacking in a tech giant, made for an exciting, “visceral” environment, with no hiding places. Whatever the barriers, Aileen’s continuing journey provides all the inspiration anyone would need.

Aileen tells an anecdote that makes her colleagues at UltraSoC laugh. This Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Operating Officer and regular participant in marathons and endurance triathlons, has a 3 year old son. One day, at bath time, he turned to his mother and said, “you know Mummy, girls can’t be winners”. The incongruence of this outdated perception from ‘out of the mouth of babes’ is not lost on Aileen, to whom the term ‘winner’ applies in many different ways. Her story not only disproves it, but provides inspiration to any girl or young woman drawn to tech today.

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