Based in Silicon Valley, BaySand is a privately held semiconductor solutions provider developing metal only configurable design capability based on innovative and disruptive patented Metal Configurable Standard Cell (MCSC) technology.

BaySand’s MCSC Technology, delivers equal or better aerial density, power and performance compared to standard-cell technology for ASIC, ASSP and SOC designs while providing unparalleled value propositions in reduced NRE, time to market (TTM) and design flexibility.

With its broad family of MCSC IP, custom design capability and standard platforms, BaySand offers the scope of technology and product options to enable design teams to quickly bring to market complete custom solutions while reducing accelerating design costs, product development times and mitigating risk through flexibility of design to address rapidly changing product and market requirements.

Adopted by major companies, BaySand’s innovative technology is available across a broad set of process technology nodes and foundry partners providing its customers with seamless migration to exceptional value and advantage compared to today’s standard design and implementation approaches.