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 From development to debug and deployment

The increasing complexity of today’s SoCs requires system-level visibility throughout the product lifecycle. The Embedded Analytics platform includes software tools, utilities and APIs that help you create better products, cut SoC development times and build a complete in-life functional monitoring and analytics methodology. From silicon validation, bring-up and debug via our SystemInsight IDE or your chosen third-party toolchain, to fully integrated on-chip performance data analytics via our Embedded Software Development Kit, we have solutions to help you turn functional analytics into competitive advantage.

Embedded Analytics software starts here…

… and keeps delivering


SoC development teams choose Embedded Analytics because it helps them raise the quality of their SoCs and get them to market faster. We enable design teams to solve problems, accelerate silicon bring-up and debug and improve product quality – decreasing time-to-market and reducing lifetime cost
To learn more about the benefits of an independent system-level debug infrastructure download our white paper

Tessent SystemInsight

For system bring-up, silicon validation and debug, even in heterogeneous multi-core designs, our SystemInsight IDE combines with the Embedded Analytics hardware infrastructure to go far beyond the capabilities of traditional tools. SystemInsight gives you full insights into the behavior of any hardware structure and, simultaneously, the execution of software across the whole SoC. Its system-level insights and ability to analyze behaviors between hardware, firmware and software (at any level of abstraction), make SystemInsight an invaluable part of the designer’s toolkit. To download the SystemInsight product brief, click here


UDAgent connects you with the Tessent Embedded Analytics infrastructure via your preferred interface, and uses the rich data from the Embedded Analytics functional monitors to provide invaluable insights into what is happening on-chip. UDAgent enables the designer to interrogate and (remotely) control and debug behaviors across the entire SoC, in real-time, even in complex multi-core and heterogeneous designs. Like SystemInsight, UDAgent delivers run control, trace, and full configuration of the Tessent on-chip analytics IP. To discover the benefits of UDAgent as part of an Embedded Analytics software toolchain, download the Product Brief.

… and keeps delivering


Increasing focus is falling on the need to understand the performance of ICs throughout the product lifecycle. Embedded Analytics is a fundamental pillar of Tessent Silicon Lifecycle Solutions (SLS), enabling IC makers to analyze the functional behavior of their products from inception, through design and manufacture, and on into deployment. This requires a rapidly-evolving suite of software that enables on-chip processing of behavioral data, and links the on-chip analytics infrastructure to the outside world.

Embedded SDK: configure the analytics and interpret the output

Embedded Analytics IP delivers insights from inside your SoC. The Embedded SDK is a suite of software utilities that helps you implement powerful self-contained analytics capabilities within the device. Software created via the Embedded SDK runs on a supervisory CPU in an SoC, allowing you to setup and configure the on-chip monitors, and even process the output of Embedded Analytics, locally on-chip. If your goal is to gain understanding throughout the silicon lifecycle, you can use the Embedded SDK to continuously, independently, and intelligently optimize your SoC’s performance, even after deployment. All of this without additional hardware or external software utilities. To see how a properly optimized SoC can turn into a competitive advantage, download our Embedded SDK white paper

Tessent Embedded SDK Product Brief:

To understand how the Tessent Embedded SDK can deliver value to your designs, download the Embedded SDK Product Brief        


To learn more about how Tessent tools and software fit into the Embedded Analytics Platform

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