UltraDevelop 2 embedded analytics software suite beta testing now

UltraSoC today announced that its UltraDevelop 2 integrated development environment (IDE) is now available for beta testing and is being shipped to qualified lead customers. The new IDE will be publicly demonstrated for the first time at Embedded World in Nürnberg, Germany, this week.

Launched in October 2018, UltraDevelop 2 presents a complete and comprehensive IDE for system-on-chip (SoC) development teams: incorporating debug, run control, and performance tuning, integrated views of hardware, firmware and software operation, and advanced anomaly detection, visualization and data science capabilities. UltraDevelop 2 taps into the enormous potential of UltraSoC’s system-level on-chip monitoring and analytics infrastructure to provide chip and system developers with actionable insights, allowing them to radically cut development costs and time-to-revenue, and to improve overall end-product quality.

Ted Speers, Head of Product Architecture and Planning at Microchip’s Microsemi subsidiary, said: “UltraSoC’s system-level approach represents a major contribution to our RISC-V®Mi-V™ ecosystem. One of the key architectural features of our recently announced PolarFire SoC Architecture is extensive debug.  UltraSoC offers just that approach with UltraDevelop 2. A single cockpit spanning CPU-centric and system-level visibility is vital to today’s SoC developers: and now we can also span the entire engineering cycle, providing customers a common look and feel across their pre- and post-silicon development efforts.”

UltraDevelop 2 complements UltraSoC’s on-chip monitoring and analytics hardware, reducing chip design and system development costs, improving reliability and enabling faster time to final product. The system-level holistic development approach of UltraDevelop 2 means that developers are able to view and analyze interactions between software and hardware, at any level of abstraction. As well as UltraSoC proprietary technology, UltraDevelop 2 leverages technologies provided by two of UltraSoC’s strategic partners: Imperas and Percepio.

Gajinder Panesar, UltraSoC CTO, commented: “Since we launched UltraDevelop 2, technology partners and SoC customers have been very keen to access the benefits of the new software suite to make even better use of UltraSoC’s embedded analytics and monitoring technology. The key to our success has been working very closely with leading customers and partners, to produce the best solution possible.”

Rich Wawrzyniak, Principal Analyst for ASIC & SoC at Semico Research Corp commented recently on UltraDevelop 2: “These new tools herald the emergence of sophisticated ‘embedded analytics’ as a design capability which have the potential to make a serious positive impact on development team efficiency and mitigate spiraling SoC costs.”

Building on capabilities within Percepio’s Tracealyzer, UltraDevelop 2 provides engineers with an integrated view of the operation of hardware and high-level software execution. The integration of Imperas’ Multi-Processor Debugger enables UltraDevelop 2 to support multi-core, multi-threaded platforms, including a blend of cores utilizing different processor architectures, enabling the development of complex heterogeneous systems which are becoming increasingly common as developers mix and match CPUs to suit specific functions and applications.

UltraDevelop 2 is built to give SoC designers exactly this optimal blend of functionality and flexibility in their choice of development platform, with the potential for real-time run control of over 20 processor architectures from vendors including Arm, MIPS and RISC-V. Developers can deploy third-party tools from existing UltraSoC partners such as Lauterbach, with support for the underlying UltraSoC hardware capabilities; or they can opt for a pre-integrated configuration supplied by UltraSoC.

For more information on UltraDevelop 2, click here, or download our advance product information sheet.