Ricki Tura, UltraSoC intern 

Ricki Tura (centre) receives award from Stewart Edmondson UKESF (left) and Neil Dickins IC Resources (right)

I’m in the middle of my second internship with UltraSoC, a 12 month placement as part of the ‘Industrial Studies’ year of a five year course in MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Southampton University. I am writing this blog because, as the icing on the cake of a great year, I’ve just been awarded the UKESF Scholar of the Year Award at the prestigious TechWorks Awards 2018 ‘deep tech’ industry event. The award was presented by Neil Dickins, Director of IC Resources (sponsor of the award) and Stewart Edmondson, CEO of the UKESF (the UK Electronics Skills Foundation).

As a UKESF Scholar I am currently partnered with UltraSoC, a pioneering UK based global tech company that supplies embedded monitoring and analytics technology for SoCs (System on Chips) to technology companies around the globe. As part of the scholarship scheme I’ve taken part in several work placements with UltraSoC, which have all proven incredibly useful in preparing myself for working in the global electronics industry.

As UltraSoC’s first UKESF Scholar, I feel that I have been given a fantastic opportunity: a range of challenging projects that build my skills and provide the support I need to improve and to thrive. My confidence has taken a significant boost through this internship.

I’ve already learnt so much from my work at UltraSoC and specifically I’ve really developed my skills in Python, Perl, TCL, SQL, HTML, and XSLT. It helps that I have been so hands-on: working on a wide variety of topics, including writing new scripts for UltraSoC’s regression testing system, creating a document generation tool to combine data from multiple XML sources into a single DOCX file, and learning about Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) to test and verify an UltraSoC module.

As a startup company, UltraSoC has given me a lot of flexibility in the work I can get involved in. I applied specifically to UltraSoC as I saw it as an ideal environment to learn more about UVM and verification, which builds on the SystemVerilog that I’ve studied at Southampton University. During my year placement I’ve worked on several projects in addition to UVM, which has expanded my skillset and taught me things beyond the scope of my university course.

But, over and above the learning environment, UltraSoC has been a great place to be: the company has a relaxed working environment with flexible working hours which has really helped me to fit my work around my life, rather than the other way round! The company is continually improving the benefits to its employees, and the quarterly social events are a good laugh. Hearing about what goes on at all levels of the company during weekly “all hands” meetings is also very insightful; I get to learn about sales, marketing, global markets, and much more.

My experience as a UKESF scholar has been fantastic and I recommend the scheme to anyone considering a career in the electronics industry. Part of being a UKESF scholar also involves giving something back to the community: importantly, helping to promote electronics to young people, from primary school age to those taking A-levels.

Likewise, I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to really work and learn at UltraSoC and to have been part of an excellent team.


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