This week, we were delighted to announce we have struck a partnership with SiFive, joining their DesignShare programme to extend the opportunities for new applications developed on the increasingly popular RISC-V open source platform. We’ll be working together to provide RISC-V processor trace and debug for the SiFive Freedom platform.

This partnership furthers UltraSoC’s own commitment to RISC-V and follows on the heels of our recent announcement that UltraSoC processor trace is available and is already supported by five major RISC-V core vendors including SiFive, plus AndesCodasipRoa Logic and Syntacore.

I expect we’ll be making lots of noise about RISC-V partnerships and successes in the coming year. It’s an area that holds significant interest for us and reflects our own observations of a shift happening in the industry: from traditional hegemonic semiconductor power-centers to a more democratized design methodology. The DesignShare programme fits in perfectly with this model, by ensuring that aspiring designers have the IP they need when building their SoCs.

We’re excited by the notion that DesignShare enables a new range of applications and SiFive’s ecosystem presents the ability to harness the power of custom silicon. The key is that SiFive, UltraSOC and other ecosystem partners can provide pre-integrated solutions that reduce the engineering costs involved in bringing a SiFive Freedom-based design to market. We firmly believe that our partnership with SiFive will futher strengthen the RISC-V ecosystem and ultimately ensure our embedded analytics benefits even more applications.

UltraSoC’s debug and trace functionality will enable users of the Freedom platform to access a wide variety of tools and interfaces to use in their developments. RISC-V trace is a keystone of that capability – as it is for any processor architecture – allowing SoC designers to access information about how their chips are operating.

I’d echo the comments of Rick O’Connor, executive director of the RISC-V Foundation, when he describes DesignShare as “reducing the barriers…that have held back innovation”. Rick also observed that such developments mean companies like SiFive and UltraSoC are “fundamentally enabling this revolution in an otherwise stagnant industry”. We’d certainly like to think so!

In November, UltraSoC will once again be at the 7th RISC-V Workshop, in Milpitas, California – a great opportunity to meet, if you’re attending. If you want to find out more about what we are doing in RISC-V and how embedded analytics could help you, read here and then get in touch.