UltraSoC’s recently launched Lockstep Monitor has been awarded the Embedded World 2019 Best in Show Award in the category of Microprocessor, Microcontroller and IP. The awards were organised by Embedded Computing Design.

Part of UltraSoC’s embedded analytics offering for automotive applications, the UltraSoC Lockstep Monitor, launched late last year, is a new hardware-based, scalable solution to significantly improve functional safety – by checking that cores at the heart of a critical system operate reliably, safely and securely.

The Lockstep Monitor supports any processor architecture, or subsystem, to help developers meet tough safety and security standards such as: ISO26262 for automotive, or J3061 for cybersecurity, IEC 61508, EN50126/8/9 and CE 402/2013. 

UltraSoC’s flexible IP also supports all common lockstep / redundancy architectures, including full dual-redundant lockstep, split/lock, master/checker, and voting with any number of cores or subsystems.

UltraSoC’s Lockstep Monitor works with any processor architecture, even those such as RISC-V, lacking native support for lockstep configurations. RISC-V is gaining traction in safety-critical applications, particularly automotive and UltraSoC’s Lockstep Monitor allows any RISC-V system, with open source or commercial cores, can incorporate sophisticated safety capabilities. 
Unlike traditional approaches, it includes flexible, run-time configurable embedded intelligence, allowing designers to tailor monitoring and response systems to applications. In addition to traditional processor cores, it can check other subsystems or accelerators and responds at wire speed, with no execution overhead on the host system because it is implemented in hardware.

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