Security matters: Understanding the evolving landscape of SoC vulnerability and analog threats

This new white paper discusses the sources of vulnerabilities to cyber-attacks; where they are, what they can potentially achieve, as well as highlighting how attacks can happen and what infrastructure must be in place to monitor and tackle them. Click below to register / access the white paper.

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In this groundbreaking white paper jointly authored by embedded analytics specialists Tessent Embedded Analytics, and Agile Analog, leaders in analog IP, learn:

  • Where are the sources of the vulnerabilities to analog / physical cyber-attacks, and what can they potentially achieve
  • How can systems be attacked using physical exploits like changes in temperature; and electrical methods such as targeting the clock or voltage levels

  • What countermeasures are currently available, and what infrastructure is needed to monitor and tackle threats from analog or digital hacking attempts as they evolve and as systemic complexity increases

Using more intrusive methods, attackers may increase their probability of deriving information about a system or even gaining a higher degree of control that allows them to read out sensitive information directly.

“We share Tessent’s vision of a holistic embedded cybersecurity ecosystem. Working together will allow us to move a step closer to that vision. Security is one of the key pain points faced by every electronics manufacturer today – particularly in industries such as automotive. The complementary nature of our technologies – Tessent Embedded Analytics offering system-level functional monitoring, and Agile Analog looking at underlying analog behavior – makes our products a natural fit for cybersecurity applications.”


Mike Hulse
Agile Analog | CTO